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In the search for my art

2011 was an eventfull year for me as a whole, but the most important thing that happened career-wise was the fact that now I’m “free” from college and have no shackles to pursue my dreams. I always had for granted that by the time I graduated I would already be a very skillful artist and would have no trouble finding a job. Wrong!

During these last months I got through all sorts of emotions. I was devastated that I not only didn’t have the skill level I wished for, it was damn hard to find someone who would hire me. I thought that something must be wrong with me untill I realised that this wasn’t true.

It’s not that I’m not capable of working as an illustrator, but my aproach wasn’t the best. Also I realised that even for those capable and skillful artists I admire and look foward, getting a job is hard. What I discovered isn’t a magic trick or any shortcut, there are no shortcuts, but having the right mindset is halfway to solve my problem. It’s how you face the problem and your flaws that makes the difference.

How I came see all this? Well, after some noes I decided it would be wise for me to study more and try to improve my technique. I started off by reading “Color and Light” written by James Gurney, then I read “The Perfect Bait” by Bobby Chiu and now I’m reading “Figure drawing for all it’s worth” by Andrew Loomis.

These three books were all I needed to get that click. I’ve always studied art and read books about the various techniques written by various artists, but these three authors are illustrators. Once I started reading them and seeing all the issues and problems about their jobs I strongly related to them. Because they work with comercial art they go through problems that other artist might not have, they have to have other skills besides the beauty of their illustrations and that knowledge is something I lack.

Technique will always be important for me, and  I’ll never stop pursuing it, but right now, as a begginer, I need some advice from those who had been in my shoes. I strongly recomend that all my collegues and friends to read from these guys because they truly did help me and I’m sure they will help you too.

“As a student I thought there was a formula of some kind that I would get hold of somewhere, and thereby become an artist. There is a formula, but it has not been in books. It is really plain old courage, standing on one’s own feet, and forever seeking enlightenment; courage to develop your way, but learning from the other fellow; experimentation with your own ideas, observing for yourself, a rigid discipline of doing over that wich you can improve.”

Andrew Loomis

Zelda Cards

A atualização de hoje tem mais algumas aquarelas que fiz. Nesse caso são dois cards que pintei para um contest no site DeviantArt, no qual a temática era a série “The Legend of Zelda”.

Me diverti bastante fazendo elas. Gosto de trabalhar com a aquarela e acredito que a leveza e sutileza combinaram para dar o clima de ambas imagens.


Espero que gostem =)

Tenis customizado Beatles

Já faz um tempo que minha irmã me pediu pra pintar os Beatles no tenis dela.  Depois de muito tempo pensando e “deixando pra depois” acabei terminando ele e eis que ele fica assim:


Espero que tenham gostado =)


Mais uma parte da aquarela ainda em processo, os corvos que ajudam Gerta.

Encartes de CD

Sabem aquele trabalho que o professor passa com duas semanas de antecedência e você só vai empurrando pra frente, empurrando pra frente, até que, no dia anterior à entrega do trabalho, você se vê com um monte de coisas pra fazer e nem começou? Pois é, esse é mais um desses trabalhos. Trabalhei exaustivamente o dia inteiro nesse encarte de CD, um dos três que tenho que entregar, no entanto alcancei um resultado que me agradou. Sei que poderia trabalhar melhor todas essas ilustrações mas o prazo não me permite, quem sabe depois disso eu volte a trabalhar neles né.

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